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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  August 25, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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next on abc 2 news works for you: >> flying manholes in downtown baltimore. a gas leak could make your morning commute just a little bit longer. >> i feel like i might be lucky i might hit it. >> and she isn't the only one. the maryland lottery is hoping to turn things around with tonight's pricey mega millions jackpot. >> now abc 2 news, the latest at 11. >> we begin tonight with disturbing allegations against three young men charged with gang-raping three women. good evening. i'm marybeth marsden. police are looking at two separate but very similar incidents. one of the victims played a key role in identifying her attacker. at central booking where the suspects are being held, chris? >> reporter: marybeth, the charging documents detail two alarming attacks that happened less than two week ace part
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from each other. now the three suspects charged in these crimes could be behind bars for the rest of their lives. the first incident started here early in the morning on july 27th near north calvert and west fayette streets in downtown baltimore. two women agreed to take a ride with two young women. indeed of driving them home, they got on i-95 south. charging documents show the women told the men to let them out of the car, but they refused, and one of them leaned over in the front passenger seat and produced a hunting- style knife. they got off at caton avenue, and drove the women here, to the parking lot of seton keough high school. one woman tried to runaway, but she told investigators the suspect ran after her, grabbed her by the back of the hair and threw her to the ground and began to assault her. then both women were raped repeatedly by the men who picked them up, and a third man who arrived at the high school later. now three men are charged in the case. 19-year-old adeamoloa adeniran of halethorpe, along with 19-
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year-old anthony oisediamen edoror and 20-year-old opeyemi adigun, who both lived near woodlawn. sheila dixon praised the work of investigators in the case and said police are working to cut down on the practice of picking up riders in the city. >> we need people when they're out, hitchhiking, or picking up stray rides, you know, we want to deter people from that and use a better transportation form. >> reporter: police say the second attack happened much like the first, early in the morning on august 8th. this time the victim said she was picked up near calvert street, driven to seton keough and assaulted and raped. she was able to identify the license plate from the car, which led police to one of the suspects, who then told them about the other two. that third victim also recovered used condom from the scene and gave them to police. investigators all three suspects face a long list of charges including rape, false imprisonment and conspiracy to commit rape. some of the charges include
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penalties that could be life in prison. their first court date is set for september 15th. live in east baltimore, christian schaffer, abc 2 news. baltimore county police investigate a stabbing in catonsville at this hour. the call went out before 10:00. police don't have many details so far, except a man was found with a serious stab wound in the area of holliman nor and old frederick roads. a bank robbery suspect was shot and killed by anne arundel county police, and tonight police are looking for his accomplice. they say 47-year-old brian doukas tried to run them over outside murph's liquors in brick lynn park last night, and that's when they shot him. brian kuebler tells us where the investigation is now. >> reporter: it was business as usual at murph's liquors tuesday afternoon, but a damaged car, deep burnout marks in the parking lot, and a dead robbery suspect is evidence that yesterday was anything but. >> gunshots. like a pop, pop, like
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firecrackers. that was it. >> you walked out? >> walked outside and said go back inside. nobody could leave, nobody could go. >> reporter: young is the owner here. he said robbery suspect brian doukas came in through his door, bought a beer and sat out back in his truck. police had fingered doukas in previous robberies and confronted him. that's when they say he tried to run over the officer, twice. >> the suspect then slammed on the gas, went toward the officer. the officer had drawn his weapon and fired multiple rounds into the vehicle, and struck the suspect, and he died onscene. >> reporter: these are photos from a viewer shortly after the shooting. you can see the pickup to the left. officers are waiting for their suspect here because they had seen his pickup truck here before. he was implicated in not just one robbery, but four. police say doukas robbed an m&t bank bank in millersville, a papa john's and a pnc bank in crofton. it was at the crofton robbery
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where police say they were able to pick up a clear surveillance image, leading investigators right to doukas. he is now dead. the woman in the photo remains at large. we believe she eis involved, as we said earlier. but we don't know who she is, obviously still investigating the case. >> reporter: after monday night's police-involved shooting of one of the suspects. in anne arundel county, brian kuebler, abc 2 news. >> and if you know anything than woman in the surveillance photo, you're urged to call metro crimestoppers at 1-866-7- lock-up. flying manholes had traffic downtown a bit mixed up earlier this evening in what public works called a minor explosion. four manhole covers were blown around fayette and utah streets. bge has taken over the investigation. they say there is a gas leak in the area, and they're working to fix it. bge expects the area to be closed throughout the morning. right now maryland's most powerful radar not indicating any precipitation across the
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region. and the green that you see over on the eastern shore and down south of d.c., that's the heat of the day radiating back out into space. we're not looking for any precipitation until we get along towards the end of the week. here is your forecast for the overnight period. mostly clear, some patchy morning fog possible. tomorrow is going to be a little hotter. how much hotter? the answer coming up. [ closing bell ] and stocks hit new 2009 highs. just on the heels of president obama, nominating fed chair ben bernanke for another term. the dow gained 30, nasdaq 6, and the s&p almost 2 1/2. locals finished mixed. legg mason gained more than 2%. under armour fell more than 1 1/2%. and with a bit of news comes good gains. joseph a. bank closed out up more than 4%. speaking of joseph a. bank that. >> announced some serious expansion plans for 2010. they will be opening 30 to 40
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new stores throughout the next year. maryland is having a tough go in these tough times. more budget cuts on the way as some $450 million in cuts were outlined today. the governor said the latest rounds will include furloughs and 205 layoffs. >> for those employees that are going to be affected, they're all moms and dads. they're all dipping out of whatever savings they had to send their kids back to school. it is not something that we do because we enjoy doing it. it's something that we do because it's necessary. in order to protect maryland and get us through the other side of this recession. >> reporter: 159 jobs will remain vacant. the rest of the cuts will come from aid to counties and municipalities, higher education, and savings from restructuring debt. here is one way of never having to worry again about money. just win the lottery, right? but it turns out these tough times haven't missed the maryland lottery. directors are hoping that large jackpots like the one tonight
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will help turn things around. delia goncalves is here to explain. >> reporter: marybeth, tonight's mega millions jackpot $252 million. that's good, not only for players, of course, but for maryland's slumping economy. the lotto line at the market is buzzing with hopefuls. >> i could hit it. >> reporter: the mega millions jackpot brought many occasional players out by the big price tag of $252 million. what convinced you that you needed to play? >> the sales. >> reporter: in fact, the economy is a big player in the lottery. >> there is this myth that lotteries do better when the economy is bad. absolutely not. >> reporter: buddy, the director of the maryland state lottery, says high gas prices were among some reasons players stayed away. >> so yes, sales were down. not just for lottery tickets for a lot of products. also, keeno sales, which rely on restaurants and bars. >> reporter: buddy is hoping
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tonight's big jackpot will turn the tide. not only luring local players, but out of town hopefuls as well. >> this is a win-win for maryland. even if you don't win the jackpot, the economy really benefits when the jackpot is this high, because of the extra dollars that are spent. >> it would make me feel really happy in my family. >> reporter: back at santony's. >> they want you to play the lottery. >> reporter: the math makes sense for folks. a few bucks investment and a chance to bring home $105 million after taxes. and if you win? >> do some more gambling! >> reporter: i hate to be the bearer of bad news. but we have to remind you the odds are stacked against most players. 176million to just 1. if there is no winner tonight, the jackpot we're told grows to $325 million. good luck, everyone. delia goncalves, abc 2 news. >> thanks. is the government blowing the h1n1 virus out of
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proportion? up next, why one local doctor says it won't be nearly as bad as you're being led to believe. that is if you're taking the right precautions. plus, r&b star chris brown gets probation for assaulting rihanna. what you're saying about it, next. and the 2-degree guarantee for today was 88 degrees. we missed it by 1 degree. the official high at bwi stayed at 85. we'll have our complete forecast, and also a look at what could be tropical storm danny, coming up. come on in.
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latest developments now on the death of michael jackson. while the pop star's death has been ruled a homicide, there are still no criminal charges filed. but many feel it's just a matter of time before jackson's
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personal physician, dr. conrad murray, is charged. murray told investigators he administered a powerful mix of drugs to treat the pop star's insomnia hours before his death. the ruling was based on forensic tests which found the anesthetic propofol combined with at least two sedatives. a judge tonight handed down a sentence against chris brown for his assault of then girlfriend rihanna. terry owens talked with fans, and joins us now with their reaction. >> reporter: marybeth, chris brown isn't going to jail, but he does face a long probation and community service. and at least some of his fans think he can rebuild his career. the charges against r&b singer chris brown left most young people speechless. >> i was like what? he what? hold up. wait: >> reporter: brown was sentenced to five years probation for his part in the february 8th brawl that left his girlfriend, pop star rihanna, severely beaten.
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but the sentence was not nearly enough for people like morgan state sophomore camille. >> they put him on five years probation. that's ridiculous. he beat on a woman. like i got to disagree to that. >> i do agree with the sentence. i believe that what he did wasn't right. but he is to be punished for it. nonetheless, going to jail would be taking it too far. >> reporter: along with probation, brown was also sentenced to six months of community labor and ordered to stay away from his former girlfriend. >> he did deserve some form of punishment. >> reporter: while brown's female fans wanted him punished, he found none who thought he deserved jail time. positions he simply doesn't understand. >> i completely disagree. if that was any regular person. that would got jail time. >> reporter: brown's conviction has not only tarnished a once sparkling image, it has also cost him lucrative endorsements, but fans think he will find his way back to the top of the music industry. >> i think as an artist, i like him still and like his music. >> brown will serve his
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sentence in his home state of virginia. terry owen, abc 2 news. in 2 your health, the food and drug administration is investigating the popular diet pill alli. the fda says it's received dozens of reports of liver damage in people who take over- the-counter weight loss pill and its the version xenical. so far both the fda and alli's maker glaxosmithkline say there is no link between the drug and liver damage. they now a disease once thought to be a death sentence. thanks to new cutting edge technology, a diagnosis of lung cancer doesn't mean what it used to. abc 2 news health reporter kelly swoope introduces us to a woman who knows that all too well. >> this is it. i'm going to die. i wouldn't see my child graduate from high school. and i needed to not ruin his senior year. >> reporter: that's what went through roxanne's mind when she was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer two years ago. she says she never saw it
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coming. >> i had no hope of survival. i was just maintaining. that is gone. >> we know the last pet scan you had shows absolutely no cancer. everything is clear. >> reporter: this machine gets the credit. it's called the cyber knife. and roxanne says it saved her life. >> the cyber knife is a form of radiation therapy. >> reporter: dr. akub, a radiation oncologist says the cyber knife provides a targeted form of treatment. >> with this procedure we're able to target the lesion only. and with the high dose that we deliver has this ablative nature. that makes it very effective. the robotic arm of the machine is able to track the tumor with all the movements within the body, or the patient's
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movements. >> reporter: the cyber knife can be used to treat any form of cancer. so who is a candidate for this amazing technology? a patient who is not a candidate for conventional radiation or surgery. >> the fact that we're able to deliver a large dose in a short period has the biological advantage over the conventional radiation, which is given over a long period of time. >> reporter: roxanne says chemo shrunk her tumor, but it didn't take it away. she underwent 25 treatments of traditional raid yankees, and then she was a candidate for the cyber knife. so how have you been doing? >> good. back to work. >> reporter: and back to living. kelly swoope, 2 your health. >> and if you would like more information about the cyber knife and the treatment of cancer's tumor, call 44-777- 8822. when we talk about the h1n1 virus, the government may be making some dire predictions. but not everyone is buying into the panic. a presidential panel has predicted nearly half the
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country could get infected, and as many could die from it. but dr. melissa sparrow says there is no need to work yourself into a frenzy. she says the swine flu can be as manageable as the regular flu if people just take simple health precautions. >> there is no indication that this flu has changed, that there has been a mutation of any kind. that's what would be required for the flu to become much more severe. >> as for vaccination, sparrow says it's very difficult to turn around the correct vaccine in such a short period of time. health experts are doing clinical trials, but they say it will likely take until thanksgiving to fully immunize millions of americans. now the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate. here is chief meteorologist norm lewis and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> we got something churning up out there in the ocean a little? >> the tropics are -- they're kind of -- they're trying to do something. a little area of low pressure. we'll talk about that. the hurricane hunter people went in and took a look at it
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today. we'll tell you what they found. but it could bring us some rainfall by the end of the week. we'll tell you all about it. in the meantime take a look outside. the shot from harbor cam overlooking the downtown area. our temperature right now at bwi thurgood marshall 73 degrees. 73% humidity. the wind currently from the southwest at 5. and the pressure steady, 30.08. there are the tides at fort mchenry. a high tide at 11:32 in the morning. low tide at 5:43 in the evening. the wind will come from the west at 6 to 12 miles per hour. the sun comes up at 6:29. we'll set at 7:46. as far as our low temperature this morning, 62 degrees. the high today got to 85. it was 84 in york. 87 in hagerstown. over in ocean city, the high was 88 degrees out on the boardwalk. current temperatures right now 70 in york. 64 in oakland. 73 in pax river. and eastonright now at 72 degrees. here is what is going on in the tropics. there is that little disorganized area of low pressure just north of the dominican republic and portions
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of puerto rico. throughout the day, it's done a little bit of circulation. not a real big deal. but again, the hurricane hunters went in. they did not find any real circulation. but they're going to be taking a look at it again. right now it's a disorganized area of low pressure. some models have it drifting up the eastern seaboard of the united states, bringing us some rainfall. well, we're going to have rain anyhow. but it looks like that could add to it. lots of sunshine around the region. a few light clouds. the clouds have now all dissipated. things looking pretty nice out there. a larger view shows some showers off the north and south carolina coastline. but no shower activity for the baltimore region. but we will see some showers making their way into the region by the end of the week, and that little system that we saw down in the tropics, that could tomorrow or thursday, that could be named tropical storm danny. but we'll keep an eye on it for you. in the meantime, outside right now, harbor place, things are looking pretty good out there. temperature-wise across the region, things are pretty moderate. a few light clouds out across
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western portions of maryland. but for the most part, a nice clear evening here in the baltimore area. during the day tomorrow, lots of sunshine, then the clouds start making their way into the region late tomorrow night. on thursday, the increasing clouds will give us a chance for shower activity late thursday evening. and the showers will continue into friday, saturday, and sunday. here is your forecast for the overnight period. mostly clear, some patchy morning fog. we'll see an overnight low of 67 degrees. during the day tomorrow, mostly sunny, a little bit warm were a high tomorrow of 90 degrees. your extended outlook. tomorrow is a pretty nice day. thursday increasing clouds, some very late night showers moving in on thursday, continuing on friday on and off. could even be a thunderstorm on friday. saturday looks like a cloudy day, scattered showers and thunderstorms. and the showers continue through sunday and monday. but as you can see, some cooler temperatures. check in with meteorologist justin berk early tomorrow morning. see you tomorrow night at 5, 6, and 11. let's throw to it rob. >> thanks, norm. coming up, could the ravens be considering switching haloti
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natta's condition? plus, after a pitcher's duel last night, o's and twins in the homer dome. highlights in sports.
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bad news for the orioles today. adam jones will miss the entire series in minnesota. he hurt his back sunday in chicago. the o's expect he'll be ready thursday when they're return home to camden yards. o's and twins tonight. top 2, michael aubrey. man, he has been a find. he has been hitting in all five games he played with the o's. a 2-run triple to right. matt wieters rumbles in. melvin mora comes around to score as well. the o's would lead 3-0 after
11:26 pm
cesar single. brian gives up 3 runs. bottom 3, justin morneau gone. his 29th. the o's though still led 4-3. top 6, 5-3 now. luke scott at the plate. with a 2-out sing toll right. nick markakis who had walked went to second on a wild pitch, scores. scott was nailed out in the rundown. but the o's led 6-3. brian bascom on the 6 gives up 3 runs without recording an ounce. delmon young scores. the twins would eventually tie it at 6. bottom of the 8th, orlando cabrera at the plate. cesar goes deep in the hole. strong throw. they're in the bottom of the 9th right now. this game is tied at 6 apiece. bart scott went from undrafted free agent to the pro bowl with rex ryan as his
11:27 pm
offensive coordinator with the ravens. it's no shock he's got rex's back. after the loss last night, he said rex, quote, was the head coach of that team last year whether you guys know it or not. i wonder what john harbaugh thinks. rex must have enjoyed coaching the ravens defense much more than facing it. the ravens scored two defensive touchdowns in the win. haloti ngata scored on his fourth int. >> it was great that trevor got that block on mike, and i was able to basically walk. in. >> i don't know what we're going to do with him. maybe put him in linebacker or corner or somebody something -- obviously we're not going to put him in corner. strike that. but he is a special player. >> good coaching decision right there. graham ganoe missed a field goal, goes wide reid right.
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steven hauschka leads. maryland opens in 11 days on the west coast. the terps announced today their home game with virginia tech in november is sold out. and finally, we always report when athletes get in trouble. how about when they do good. mayor dixon helped the ray lewis foundation today, giving away free backpacks for kids going back to school. ray has always taken great pride in helping out in a community, and he keeps it up today. and that is why he is such a huge fan favorite. back to sports. i'm rob carlin. we're back with the news.
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well, norm, did you win? >> i do have the numbers for tomorrow. 90 degrees, sunshine, then the clouds start rolling in on thursday with scattered showers continuing to thursday night. friday, saturday, sunday, and monday. >> all righty. and this is all for us tonight. thank you for watching. we'll be back tomorrow. good night.
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